Produkty30 Produkty Sangoma Karty PCI dla Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, 3CX, MS Lync, ss7, transkodowanie bramy SIP/PSTN


Sangoma oferuje karty PRA, BRA, GSM i Analogowe działające z Asterisk, FreeSwitch czy Yate.  Przy użyciu oprogramowania NetBorder Express, karty działają z dowolnym oprogramowaniem kompatybilnym z SIP, np. z 3cx lub Microsoft Lync.  Sangoma to także oprogramowanie ss7, oprogramowanie dla call center jak i bramy PSTN.  

Products list


Sangoma A108 PRI card Digital Cards

Full range of Sangoma Digital Telephony Cards transport voice, as well as data, and make voice and data integration easy.

Hybrids Cards

World's first set of hybrid telephony cards for the PBX market. Providing a mix of analog and digital interfaces in a single card, it allows PBX vendors to deliver comprehensive connectivity options in very compact platforms.

Analog Cards

Choose the PSTN connectivity hardware with the most optimized, scalable, cross-platform device drivers available.

VegaStream VoIP Gateways

Vega gateways support analog FXS/FXO, ISDN BRA and PRA. With support for analog PBX trunks, together with analog and ISDN handsets, Vega gateways provide the perfect answer for IP-based voice services and for connecting to service provider.
Sangoma Transcoding Card D500 Voice Transcoding Card

Transcoding is a reality in VoIP Networks. Whether your telecom applicationrequires compression codecs – to save bandwidth or to improve voice quality – don’t settle for host-based software licenses that unnecessarily increase CPU load. Instead, choose Sangoma’s D100, D150 or D500 card, the most flexible transcoding cards today!

GSM Cards

Sangoma GSM provide voice connectivity and SMS capabilities to IP-PBX applications.

Sangoma Line Taping System Line Tapping System

Sangoma's T1/E1 tapping solution is a high performance, robust and inexpensive toolkit that gives you complete access to the T1/E1 voice and signaling interfaces. Based on the popular A102, A104 and A108 AFT cards, the system supports the tapping of one, two and four T1/E1 lines per card respectively.

Sangoma Fax Synch Solution
Reliable, High Quality Fax to T1, E1 or BRI Phone Systems.

NetBorder SS7 VoIP Media Gateway

Sangoma's NetBorder SS7 to VoIP Gateway software provides full-featured, carrier-class VoIP deployments while leveraging the flexibility of standard computing platforms and operating systems.
Sangoma Netborder Express
NetBorder Express

NetBorder software modules and applications empower Contact Centers to improve profitability and campaign effectiveness, while easily complying with government regulations.
Sangoma SS7 2U server

SS7 Gateway

The NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway is now offered in an elegant, self-contained, and cost-effective appliance.

Session Border Controller

The most cost - effect ive, easiest to provision, and easiest to manage line of Session Border Controllers on the market.