Produkty33 TM1000 monitorowanie sieci operatora

TelcoBridges TM1000

TM1000 pozwala na przechwyt i zapis w trybie full duplex i non-intrusive 100% packietów na przepustowości do 64E1 oraz przesył tych danych do servera aplikacji po TCP/IP.  Rozwiązanie idealne do monitorowania sieci ss7 lub usług zawansowanych typu Location Based Services.

Tmonitor TM1000

Each Tmonitor TM1000 unit can perform non-intrusive, full-duplex monitoring and filtering of 64 T1/E1/JI interfaces per device, providing up to 100% packet capture. Data captured by the TM1000 is then routed by TCP/IP to an application server where it can be analyzed and acted upon. In addition, PCM voice traffic can be recorded with TB StreamServer™, a utility application supplied by TelcoBridges.

Unlike a network-monitoring probe, the Tmonitor TM1000 does not affect the performance of the network or the status of a call, or introduce unwanted data artifacts. For cases where it is located immediately next to the network to be monitored, the TM1000 is designed to work with a purpose-built 32-port Monitoring Patch Panel that features a high-impedance circuit to limit signal drain. For longer distances, TelcoBridges has designed an optional 16-port isolation patch panel, used in conjunction with the monitoring patch panel, which helps to maintain high-impedance resistance in the path to the monitoring equipment.

Features & benefits

Additions available for the TM1000

Monitoring Patch Panel

TelcoBridges' Monitoring Patch Panel provides for the physical connection of E1/T1J1 circuits to the TM1000.

Monitoring Patch Panel Data Sheet (.pdf)

Isolation Patch Panel

TelcoBridges' Isolation Patch Panel provides for the electrical isolation of E1/T1/J1 links to be monitored from the TM1000.