Produkty33 TelcoBridges TMP6400 8E1 - 64 E1 lub STM-1,DSS1 ss7 SIP SIGTRAN, dowolne kodeki - usługi VAS

TMP 6400 8E1-64E1, STM-1

Telcobridges TMP6400 to wydajna brama voip lub media gateway o pojemności od 8E1 do 64E1 lub STM-1 obsługująca sygnalizację sip, dss1, ss7, sigtran i h264 umożliwia szybkie uruchamianie usług VAS na pograniczu sieci VoIP i PSTN.  TMP6400 umożliwia sterowanie klastrem bram z zewnętrznych serwerów poprzez aplikację toolpack.

Tdev TMP6400

The TelcoBridges Tdev™ TMP6400 is a high-density computer telephony (CTI) development platform, providing a cost-effective foundation for introducing new offerings while rapidly scaling to meet the needs of
growing subscribers.

Whether deployed on a wireline, wireless or VOIP network, the TMP6400 delivers seamless voice interoperability across TDM and IP networks. However the TMP6400 builds on those capabilities with an advanced application platform for delivering ring-back tones, unified communications, pre-paid/postpaid calling, conferencing, Fax over IP (T.38), voicemail, and other enhanced services to subscribers irrespective of access protocol or device.

Features & benefits

Carrier grade: Architected to exacting industry standards, the TMP6400 is designed to meet the need for reliability that service providers and their customers demand. The TMP6400 features a non-blocking
architecture providing full availability of call channels and other system resources (IVR, VOIP).

Flexibility: A network-agnostic platform, the TMP6400 supports multiple ‘any-to-any’ switching as well as transcoding support for all major wireline, wireless and Internet voice codecs. With separate chipsets
for signaling, transcoding and interactive voice response (IVR), the TMP6400 provides true full channel availability.

Density: Supporting up to 64 T1/E1/J1, 3 DS-3 or 1 STM-1 interfaces for a total of 2048 universal voice channels per unit, the TMP6400 offers significant density in a 1U or 2U form factor. The TMP6400
enables consolidation of multiple devices for signaling, transcoding and IVR into a single box.

High availability: The TMP6400 features full redundancy with fault-tolerant hardware and software components