Produkty33 TelcoBridges TMP800

TMP 800 - 1E1-8E1

Telcobridges TMP800 to wydajna brama voip lub media gateway o pojemności od 1 do 8e1 obsługująca sygnalizację sip, dss1, ss7, sigtran i h264 umożliwia szybkie uruchamianie usług VAS na pograniczu sieci VoIP i PSTN.

Tdev TMP800

The TelcoBridges™ Tdev TMP800 is a small-footprint computer telephony platform. It provides capacity of up to 8 T1/E1/J1 interfaces, up to 256 universal VoIP channels, and up to 512 IVR channels.

The TMP800 offers an advanced application platform for delivering ring-back tones, unified communications, pre-paid/post-paid calling, conferencing, Fax over IP (T.38), voicemail, and other enhanced services to subscribers irrespective of access protocol or device.

The TMP800 offers an average 66% less power consumption than competing products offering similar capacity. 

Features & benefits

Powerful: By tying together real-time communications from the network with stored external data sources, the TMP800 provides an advanced application platform for delivering unique subscriber-specific services, such as unified communications, ring-back tones, and prepaid/postpaid calling.

Flexibility: Through VoIP plug-in hardware additions as well as the ability to expand from 1 to 8 T1/E1/J1 ports and/or from 32 to 512 IVR channels through software license upgrades.

The TMP800 features a non-blocking architecture providing full availability of call channels and other system resources (IVR, VOIP).